We aim at being a reference research and training institute on the future of the World of Work as it impacts corporations and their strategies.Founded in 2004, the Boostzone Institute stemmed from the will to understand and forecast how the evolution of the World of Work and in particular the emergence of Network-Centric Management is going to bring a sea change in the management of organizations. Its founding members are all professionals of Human Capital management, Networks and Community management, Technology management and Strategic management.In essence, the Boostzone Institute is a community of managers and experts who believe that globalization and collaboration technology are transforming the economy and the society in fundamental ways, that networks and communities are becoming the central driving force of business, and that all managers should strive to have a deeper understanding of how networks and communities can be governed.The Boostzone Institute focuses on business transformation issues. We strive to build a shared understanding of how vertical organizations of the industrial age can be made to morph into global networked organizations. Our goal is to help our members create sustainable competitive advantage in their organizations and develop their practice of “Network-Centric Management” through a better understanding of the evolution of the World of Work.See also our page in French
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