Nonwovens, France

Nonwovens France Companies Worldwide
  • South Africa. Diversified manufacturers of textile and nonwovens acoustic and trim components for the automotive industry. Also, flexible foams, rubber products, and
  • South Africa. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in textiles, nonwovens and chemicals. Needlepunch and stitchbond fabrics for mattress ticking and
  • Hong Kong. Versatile group of nonwovens manufacturing and converting companies. Needlepunch, spunlace, and stich- and spraybonded fabrics and finished products for
  • Japan. Versatile textile and nonwovens manufacturing company. Design, development and manufacture of specialty fibers, and woven and nonwoven fabrics for industrial
  • China. Thermally and spray bonded, needlepunch and stitchbond fabrics for apparel and bedding, artificial leather backing, geotechnical, filtration, automotive and
  • China. Manufacturers of paste dot bonded and needlepunch fabrics for apparel, footwear and decoration applications, from natural or dyed polyester and acrylic. Some
  • Taiwan. Versatile textile and nonwovens manufacturing company. Air-thru and calendar bonded, and air-laid and meltblown fabrics for hygiene disposables, personal care
  • Japan. Manufacturers of needlepunch, carded resin bonded, and spunbond fabrics for construction, geotechnical, medical, furnishing and industrial applications. Detailed
  • Hong Kong. Manufacturers of needlepunch fabrics and fiberfill for apparel and swimwear applications. Also, laminated and molded bra cups and shoulder pads. English and
  • Indonesia. Vertically integrated textile and nonwovens manufacturing company. Polyester and acrylic staple fiber, filaments and spun yarns. Woven and knitted fabrics for
  • India. Manufacturers of needlepunch and chemically bonded nonwoven fabrics for medical, interlining, carpets, filtration, geotechnical and footwear applications, from
  • Taiwan. Resin and thermobonded high-loft filing products, and needlepunch, spunbond and spunlace fabrics for carpeting, bedding, medical, geotechnical and industrial
  • China. Diversified group of textiles and nonwovens manufacturing companies. Thermobond, spunbond and spunlace fabrics for hygiene, medical, automotive and industrial
  • India. Diversified textiles and nonwovens manufacturing company. Needlepunch felts and high-loft waddings for filtration, insulation, geotechnical, industrial and
  • Thailand. Diversified textile and nonwovens manufacturing company. Needlepunch, high-loft waddings, and thermobond interlining fabrics for apparel and accessories,
  • Hong Kong. Diversified group of manufacturing companies, active in nonwoven roll goods and products for domestic, technical, medical and industrial uses, fabric
  • China. Manufacturers of resin and thermobonded, dot coated and spunlace fabrics for a wide range of consumer products and industrial applications. Also, custom
  • Hong Kong. Waddings and padding materials for filling and cushioning applications, from polyester. Needlepunch fabrics for footwear, geotextiles, filtration and
  • Taiwan. Chemical and thermally bonded, fusible and non-fusible interlinings for the garment industry. Needlepunch fabrics for footwear and industrial uses. Spunlace
  • Japan. Joint venture between Dainippon and Freudenberg. Thermobonded interlinings for apparel applications, and technical nonwovens for filtration, insulation, and
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