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  • Managing over 65 multipurpose vessels located globally and ranging from 3.000 - 20.000 mts dwt with lifting capabilities up to 500 mts. Vessel types include MPP
  • Regular bulk parcel service to the North West Continent and the Mediterranean from South Africa.
  • Romanian private ship owner based in Constanta.
  • Shipping and offshore service provider with operations in India and worldwide and a diversified fleet.
  • Owning and operating small cargo vessels on short sea routes from Sri Lanka to the Indian Sub-continent and the Middle East.
  • Danish shipping company with a range of activities including coaster chartering and port agencies.
  • Registered in Bermuda, the company provides passenger transport, leisure and marine container leasing. Also engages in the associated businesses of property development
  • Swedish ferry service operating between Sweden and Denmark.
  • Danish ferry service between Odden and Ebeltoft in Denmark.
  • Cruise the North Atlantic, visiting the Faroe Islands, Iceland and the Shetland Islands.
  • Maritime company offering passengers service in the Adriatic, and North Sea regions.
  • Passenger ships that offers you services in Greek Domestic lines and International lines between Greece and Italy.
  • Operators of High Speed car and passenger ferries, specialising on the Malta - Sicily route. Travel in comfort at up to 45 knots - about three times the speed of a
  • Hovercraft passenger services is the only hovercraft passenger service in Scandinavia. Stockholm Archipelago and international.
  • Daily car and passenger ferries connecting Igoumenitsa to Brindisi.
  • Active in the Adriatic Sea as well as in the Aegean Sea - between Ancona - Patras, Venice - Patras, Pireaus - Crete, Pireaus -Cyclades, Saloniki - Crete.
  • Fast ferry service between Tarifa (Spain) and Tanger (Marocco)
  • Linking the UK, Channel Islands and Western France. Daily sailings from Poole, Weymouth and Portsmouth to Jersey and Guernsey. Summer sailings from Poole and Portsmouth
  • Covering all information, schedules, fares of the Mediterranean ferries. Reservation and tickets online for Italy, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, Spain, Tunis, Greece,
  • Operates ferry and passenger services in Turkey, in the Black Sea and in Adriatic Sea.
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